Evaluate how your company is exposed to web threats.


Ermes helps companies protect their people from targeted attacks while surfing the web.

The thing I like the most about Ermes is that since its installation, it did not require any interaction from me. Because it works automatically it gives my company complete protection against next-generation phishing attacks

Paolo Buttigliengo ICT Manager, Unione Industriale Torino

The Ermes technology is revolutionizing the paradigm of web security. It activates in just few minutes and it does not add complexity to the security systems while efficiently protects individuals and companies from human-focused attacks.

Ruggero Platolino, former CISO Luxottica

With a dislocated workforce, ensuring protection against the sophisticated forms of phishing has been extremely easy. Without the need of a VPN, employees can browse safely from any location, both with PC and mobile devices while increased their productivity thanks to a frictionless experience.

Lorenzo Mondino, CIO IRCA

Protection spectrum

Ermes protects employees against Phishing and upcoming web threats.


Widely adopted in modern phishing attacks, cybersquatting technique consists in registering Internet domains similar to legit ones associated to popular brands. The ultimate attackers’ goal is to park malicious ads, or deceive users into providing credentials or downloading malware

Malicious browser extensions

Browser extensions allow for browser customization and provisioning of extra browsing functionalities. Even if delivered by official stores, browser extensions might be malicious, contain risky code patterns, collect data for unknown purposes or be built on top of vulnerable code libraries


This threat exploits popular online advertising platforms to deliver malicious ads and spread malware

Web tracking

Web trackers collect information about employees to create detailed digital identities. Such information may be exploited by malicious actors to design targeted attacks


This phishing technique changes the content of inactive browser tabs to trick the user into providing credentials or downloading malware

Web Keylogging

Third-party services embedded in sites can record and store any action performed on visited web pages, such as clicks and keystrokes. Collected data contains credentials and credit card numbers too

Browser Vulnerability Spoofing

Attackers seek for obsolete and vulnerable software installed on employees’ devices to spot those easier to break or infect


Web cryptojacking attacks build on JavaScript contained in websites to mine cryptocurrencies through the user’s browser


Ermes protects against modern web threats on PC and mobile devices. Using A.I.

Available for all browsers and OS

Ermes is IT friendly

Fully protects devices against web threats

Enhances employees privacy

Enables everywhere protection

Speeds up navigation up to 4x

Reduces load on network apparatuses by 25%

Transparently synergizes with existing company systems

Internet shield

Features comparison

Ermes Internet Shield In-network
Proxies/Web filters
Endpoint Security
B2C Ad/Tracker
Full protection against web threats Yes No No Blocklist often obsolete
Mobile traffic protection Yes, for all apps Company network No Only mobile or VPN
Protection everywhere without VPN Yes, in any network Expensive Yes Yes
Synergizes with integration systems Yes Yes Yes No
Custom content filtering Yes Coarse granularity No No
Bandwidth cost saving Yes, 25% saving No No Yes
Quality of navigation Yes, up to 4x faster Worsened NA Yes
Protective from malware Partially via web Partially via web Yes No
Incident and remediation No No Yes No
File loss protection No Partially via web Yes No

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