Why is a
Risky Profiles?

In today’s digital landscape, organizations face an ever-growing array of web threats targeting individuals. From malicious websites to phishing scams, the risks are numerous and constantly evolving.

Without insight into users’ browsing behaviors and the potential dangers they encounter, businesses are vulnerable to data breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage. Identifying risky browsing behaviors is crucial for assessing the security posture of the organization, so to perform preemptive action and ensuring the security of both users and sensitive data.


Why Ermes

Ermes Browser Security offers a comprehensive solution to address the challenge of risky browsing profiles.
Through its Risky Profiles module, CIOs, IT Managers, and Security Managers can:

Identify the Most Impactful
Risk Indicators

Analyze users’ exposure to web threats through a simple score. This score, computed over a specific period, is based on detected incidents, categorized by severity, and users’ overall browsing behavior.

Proactively Identify
and Mitigate Threats

Using intuitive graphs, analysts explore indicators for both aggregated and highly exposed users. Ermes helps organizations proactively identify and mitigate risks, ensuring secure browsing for all.

Tangible KPIs

Based on such KPIs, CIOs and Security Managers will be provided with the capability to measure their organization’s security posture and evaluate the performance of their security strategies in the medium and long run.

Risky Profiles: Enhancing Security & Risk Governance

Ermes’ Risky Profiles module seamlessly integrates into your security stack, providing vital insights without disrupting your operations. By default, it presents your company’s score for the past week, with the flexibility to adjust time ranges as needed. All data obtained by security modules provided by Ermes contribute to the computation of Risky Profiles, hence, clients who activate more modules will enhance Risky Profiles with a more complete and robust visibility. The more active Risky Profiles modules you employ, the more robust your security stance becomes.

Key Insights Provided


Incident severity is categorized (such as site blocks and malicious extensions), impacting the
overall score.

Risk Score

The score changes over time based on user behaviors and remediation actions taken.


Assess risks on an individual user basis, allowing for targeted interventions and on-spot security corrections.

Risk Calculation

Gain insights into the indicators driving risk, sorted by incident frequency for prioritized risk management.

User Risks

Organizations can track risk evolution over time and review specific events contributing to increased users’ risk.


information provided by Risky Profiles can be used as KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness of security measures and processes to mitigate security threats on the medium and long period.

Tailored Risk Management

The Risky Profiles module offers per-user risk assessments, detailing information on a
module-by-module basis, ensuring targeted security measures.

Privacy Considerations

At Ermes, the privacy of our clients is our first priority. Therefore, pseudonymization is employed to protect user identities. In the event of security incidents or high-risk scenarios, administrators have the option to unlock pseudonymization, enabling them to take appropriate forensics actions while respecting user privacy.

In a nutshell, with Ermes’ Risky Profiles, organizations gain actionable insights to enhance their security posture while prioritizing operational efficiency and respecting user privacy.