Business Credentials

In today’s digital business landscape, the management and security of corporate accounts have gained utmost importance. Employees frequently utilize company accounts across various online platforms, often without clear visibility or control. This exposes companies to substantial risks, including credential theft, account misuse, and the potential for advanced cyberattacks.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that company policies regarding account usage often exist in written form, with limited practical enforcement. To address these challenges, businesses need a solution that not only provides insight into account usage but also enforces policies and safeguards against emerging threats.

Ensures full visibility of company account usage.

Why Ermes

Ermes Browser Security offers a robust solution through its “Business Credentials Protection” module. Here’s why Ermes is the ideal choice:

Complete Account

Ermes empowers businesses with a comprehensive view into how employees use corporate accounts across the web. Administrators gain real-time insights, ensuring transparency in account activities.


Through this module, administrators can create specific policies to prevent inappropriate or unauthorized use of corporate accounts on potentially dangerous or non-work-related websites. This proactive approach reduces the risk of credential theft and emerging threats like the “browser in the browser” attack.

Internal Policies

Ermes reinforces internal regulations regarding the use of corporate accounts, transforming policies from mere documentation into actionable, enforced guidelines. This is crucial for maintaining compliance and security standards.

Our technology brings several advantages to the table:


Ermes’ unique architecture establishes a direct connection between the user, the corporate account, and the website where the account is utilized. This connection enables accurate monitoring and policy enforcement.


Ermes provides real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing administrators to stay updated about account usage as it unfolds, rather than relying on
post-event audits.


Businesses can tailor policies to align with their specific requirements, ensuring that account usage aligns with corporate goals and security prerequisites.

In summary, Ermes Browser Security’s “Business Credentials Protection” module is the solution businesses need to efficiently manage and secure corporate accounts. By offering full visibility, policy enforcement, and a reinforced internal framework, Ermes empowers organizations to safeguard their accounts, maintain compliance, and protect against emerging threats. Opt for Ermes for a proactive strategy in managing and securing corporate credentials
in the digital age.