In today’s digital landscape, the role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is more critical than ever. Constant scrutiny of data and online activities poses substantial cybersecurity challenges. Today privacy is constantly jeopardized, ranging from targeted ads to phishing schemes, putting an organization’s security in danger.

Each online activity creates a digital footprint that can unintentionally expose vulnerabilities in a company’s network. Advertisers and malicious actors can exploit this information to gain knowledge about operations and weaknesses, increasing the risk of cyberattacks. As cybercriminals’ techniques advance, addressing these vulnerabilities becomes paramount for a CISO.

It extends beyond privacy alone —it encompasses autonomy, freedom, and the entitlement to navigate the expansive digital world without enduring constant surveillance, scrutiny, or potential manipulation. Similar to how we appreciate moments of solitude and anonymity in the physical world, achieving online invisibility becomes an essential respite, safeguarding our mental space and reinforcing the barriers that protect our personal information.
Being invisible on the web is not about having something to hide, but rather about preserving the fundamental right to control your own digital narrative.

10 million websites analyzed every day by our algorithms.

Why Choose Ermes’

Web Tracker

Enhanced cybersecurity ensures complete web tracker blocking, preserving user privacy and reducing data exposure risks.

from Threats

Robust measures shield against malvertising, session-replay scripts, and crypto-jacking, ensuring seamless operations and data integrity.

AI Defense

Utilizing AI technology proactively defends against evolving threats, enhancing overall security while optimizing cybersecurity efficiency.

ERMES Browser

The ERMES BROWSER SECURITY PLATFORM “anti-tracking” feature is specifically designed to protect user privacy. It ensures that users don’t unintentionally disclose information about their interests and habits, thus significantly reducing the risk of spear phishing. This is achieved by effectively blocking web tracking services, session-replay scripts, malvertising, and crypto-jacking.

Ermes’ distinctive architecture and its AI algorithms, discerning connections based on users’ interactions with the pages they browse, are accountable for this precision in blocking services .

Beyond its primary functions, this solution provides additional benefits in terms of performance.
One notable advantage is the significant decrease in workload on network devices, resulting in potential reductions of up to 45%.