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There exists a wide gamma of threats lurking under the surface of the web. Learn how ERMES can protect your company against them.




Attacks are becoming personal and targeted (60% in 2019). Phishing is no longer just via malicious email, but involves the use of several complex attacks that target several users within the company. The result is that attacks on average have a 40% chance of succeeding, creating devastating consequences.

Modern web threats

In 2019 66% of targeted attacks were delivered through browsers and mobile apps

Targeted attacks like cybersquatting, malvertising, web tracking and tabnabbing are an incoming warning sign for small and big industries.


Malicious browser extensions


Web tracking



Ermes helps companies protect their people from targeted attacks while surfing the web.


Ermes builds breakthrough technologies to protect companies against modern web threats on PC and mobile devices.
Using A.I.


Hides your company and your people from online tracking


Provides AI-based protection against modern web threats


Improves navigation experience and reduces traffic load

Ermes fits any company need

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