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The Real Time
Human Centric Protection

The unique Browser Security platform that reduces cyber threats exposure from days to 2 minutes. Reach full web protection with Ermes AI.

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Cyber attacks target People, in the first 24h

Today 95% of successful attacks target people in the web , yet traditional approaches are not effective against them.
Ermes, the 1st Browser Security solution, protects in Real-Time the navigation of the weakest link in any security chain: the human factor.

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Our unique Behavioral approach

Ermes AI technology analyzes connections according to their behavior, overcoming the limits of traditional solutions that rely only on reputation. This is how Ermes guarantees an effective 99% Real Time Protection

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One technology,
Multiple Advantages

Ermes intelligent web protection
Guarantee to your employees an effective 99% real-time protection on the web
Advanced 0-Day Technology to spot new phishing websites and identify suspicious extensions
Window of exposure reduced from days to 2 minutes: best solution in the first 24h
Risk of clicking on malicious links reduced to zero
Simply access the Dashboard in the Cloud or Integrate with your SIEM
150 Trees saved per year, every 1000 devices with Ermes
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The simplicity of Ermes is astonishing, not a usual security tool. It was easy to install, Easy to manage, in a matter of minutes all company users were both protected from web threats and at the same time could browse faster without annoying contents

Mauro Baldoni

CIO, BonelliErede

Despite a dislocated workforce, Ermes ensured us protection against the sophisticated forms of phishing. Without the need of a VPN, employees can browse safely from any location, both with PC and mobile devices. Ermes also increased their productivity thanks to a frictionless experience

Lorenzo Mondino


Ermes technology is revolutionizing the web security paradigm. It is activated in just a few minutes and integrates with any existing security systems, effectively protecting individuals and companies from attacks targeting people

Ruggero Platolino

Former CISO Luxottica

The thing I like most about Ermes is that since its installation, it has not required any interaction from me. As it works automatically, giving my company complete protection against next-generation phishing attacks.

Paolo Buttigliengo

ICT Manager Unione Industriale Torino