Social Engineering

The High-Stakes Confidence Game of the Digital Age

Social engineering is the new confidence game of the digital age....

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Ermes AI-Driven Solutions for Web Protection

Blind spot on the web

The Growing Threat of Data Exfiltration By Third-Party Services or Scripts Embedded in Web Pages

Third-party scripts and web services present a significant security blind spot...

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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day

Our Security KIT to protect your digital life in 10 steps

10 steps for a safer digital life: our Safety Kit to...

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Hijacked on the web

The Growing Threat of Malicious Browser Extension

Today, almost anyone can publish browser extensions in an official store....

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Undetected Cyber Threats

An analysis of the exposure of companies and employees to modern attacks that evade traditional security

Cybercriminals are constantly creating new attack types to adapt to new...

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Contemporary Web Phishing Attacks That Escape Conventional Security

With the aim of bypassing corporate security systems, cybercriminals exploit the...

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