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Enhance your Microsoft 365 experience with Ermes’ Comprehensive Protection

Microsoft 365

Comprehensive Protection with Ermes and Microsoft

Elevate your Microsoft 365 experience with comprehensive protection from Ermes, safeguarding your productivity and security suites with AI-based defense against web threats. Our integration fortifies Office, Teams, Sharepoint, and Copilot across workstations and mobile devices.

Why Choose Ermes and Microsoft Together

Secure your business’s navigation and communication with Ermes’ AI-powered solution, leveraging deep learning and computer vision to combat phishing websites, targeted attacks, and malicious URLs. Protect corporate communications with confidence.

Benefits of Ermes Security Suite for Microsoft 365

Empower your enterprise with best-in-breed protection, shielding vital browsing and communications crucial to your company’s operations.

Ermes and Microsoft 365 for complete protection of browsing and communications

Ermes seamlessly supplements Microsoft 365, ensuring protection against web and communication threats in modern digital era:


Malvertising & Tracking and GenAI & Messaging Protection combined with Microsoft Purview’s file control system prevent any third-party entity, such as Gen AI sites, from obtaining sensitive information


Microsoft Sentinel combines with Ermes’ reporting to easily monitor the organization’s security posture. Risky Profiles, Advanced URL Filtering, BCP, GenAI & Messaging Protection and BEP undercover shadow IT activities and non-compliant user behaviors, tracking them down at the source


By integrating Microsoft Defender and Ermes, you can protect users’ devices completely by targeting phishing attacks that are not yet traced thanks to the Malvertising & Tracking protection and Zero-day Phishing & Cybersquatting protection layers.


Ermes security layers complement Microsoft 365 suite to better cover NIST 2.0 framework and adhere to mandatory EU NIS-2 legislation.


Microsoft Purview combined with Ermes allow any user to remain shielded from credential leakage. Business Credential Protection and 0-day Phishing & Cybersquatting protection prevent business data exfiltration and credential leakage on malicious and unsanctioned sites.

Effortless Integration and Management

Integrate Ermes seamlessly with minimal footprint and enjoy complete platform management for streamlined operations.

Enhanced Visibility and Response

Amplify visibility and reporting capabilities with Ermes reporting and Microsoft Sentinel integration. Correlate, investigate, and respond to security incidents efficiently, with deep insights and remediation playbooks.

Improved Corporate Security Posture

Leverage Ermes’ Risky Profiles module, reporting, and analytics for:

• Insights on threats targeting the company
• Visibility on shadow SaaS and unsanctioned web apps
• Tangible KPIs to measure and enhance security posture
• Compliance with NIST-2 framework and EU NIS-2 regulation

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Microsoft E5

Ermes Suite for MS


Malverting and Tracking Protection

Full protection against web trackers and malicious ads

Microsoft E5

Ermes Suite for MS


GEN. AI & Messaging Protection

Purview’s DLP prevents sensitive data leakage in Sharepoint, Outlook and Teams.

Prevent sensitive data leakage occurring on websites and audit interactions to detect shadow SaaS applications. It also allows to control information exchanged with GenAI tools and over instant messaging systems.

Microsoft E5

Ermes Suite for MS


Business Credential Protection

MS Defender allows to detect password reuse or leaks.

Prevent corporate credentials to be used on unsanctioned web services and detect shadow SaaS applications used by employees

Microsoft E5

Ermes Suite for MS


Zero-day phishing & Cybersquatting protection

Protects against phishing emails in Outlook and URLs in Edge.

Block access to phishing, scam, and deceptive websites, including newly created ones used for short-lived targeted campaigns. Enhance Google Safe Browsing protection and extend protection to instant messaging apps.

Microsoft E5

Ermes Suite for MS


Browser Extention protection

MS Defender allows to manage browser extensions based on risks

Extends detection capabilities to inspect code in browser extensions for all major browsers

Microsoft E5

Ermes Suite for MS


Advanced Content Filtering

MS Defender allows to manage Allows to block/audit access to websites based on categorization extensions based on risks

Extends network filtering capabilities to URL granularity without SSL inspection

Microsoft E5

Ermes Suite for MS



MS Defender provides reporting and analytics about threats encountered by users

Extends MS Defender reporting to capture events and security incidents related to browsing and communications

Take advantage of these powerful features to elevate your security standards with Ermes Security Suite for MS365.

Discover How

Use cases implementable when adopting Ermes Security Suite for MS365.

Ermes Security Suite for MS365: Key Use Cases

Enhanced Credential Security

Protect MS365 and productivity service credentials from reuse on other websites or applications, ensuring robust Business Credential
Protection (BCP).


Safeguard client data from rogue browser extensions and compromised tracking services, ensuring confidentiality
and integrity.

Insights for Security Enhancement

Gain valuable insights into user interactions with websites and mobile apps to measure company-wide security posture and establish measurable KPIs.

Privacy and Performance Optimization

Eliminate web tracking and malvertising for enhanced privacy and quicker page load times, improving user experience.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Entra ID

Experience smooth integration with Microsoft Entra ID for effortless user and group provisioning, along with seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities.

Conditional Access Integration

Ensure secure access to MS365 web apps through an Ermes-protected browser via Entra ID Conditional Access integration.

Phishing Protection

Strengthen defenses against phishing attacks with superior browsing security, exceeding MS Smart Screen protection.

Credential Protection

Prevent credentials from being compromised in phishing attacks, enhancing overall security posture.


Detect and mitigate malicious code threats through comprehensive browser extension analysis.

Enhanced Visibility with MS Sentinel Integration

Amplify visibility on web threats and browsing telemetry through seamless integration with Microsoft Sentinel.

Instant Messaging Phishing Protection

Safeguard users against phishing threats in Instant Messaging platforms, ensuring secure communication channels.

Data Loss Prevention

Implement DLP measures to protect shared information, preventing unauthorized data exposure.

Shadow IT Detection

Detect and prevent the use of unsanctioned web apps and communication channels, safeguarding corporate data and ensuring compliance.

GenAI Tools Interaction Monitoring

Monitor and control user interactions with GenAI tools, managing data sharing and platform interactions securely.