About us

Securing people navigation worldwide

  • ISO 27001 Certified

Who we are

Ermes – Intelligent Web Protection is an Italian company founded by a team of Web Security experts and Artificial Intelligence researchers that provides companies with a top-notch solution that effectively secures them against web threats, increasing protection by more than 25%.

We live in a world where successful cyber-attacks come from the web (80% of the total) and exploit wrong human behavior (+85%). Despite this, the systems designed to protect against such threats adopt a static approach, based on the reputation of the pages we visit. Ermes proposes a revolutionary approach, offering dynamic web threat protection, based not only on the reputation of web pages but also on their actual behavior. This is possible thanks to the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, which analyze every single web page, outperforming traditional security products.

Ermes’ Technology is so disruptive that it has recently been named in several research papers by Gartner as one of the world’s top emerging companies in the field of artificial intelligence applied to attack detection.

Our mission

We are on a mission to provide breakthrough technology and make the web a safer place.