Ermes obtained ISO 27001 Certification in September 2021 just over three years after his birth as a startup project, proving the focus that the company places not only on quality processes but even and with particular expertise in corporate information security. Ermes is among the 0,03% of companies in Italy whose experience in quality processes is proven!

ISO 27001 Certification
Ermes obtained ISO 27001 Certification in September 2021

According to and Istat, In Italy there are more than four million companies, and Ermes is proud to be part of the 0.03% of the ones that obtained the ISO 27001 certification. The ISO/IEC 27001 is an high quality certification following international standards designed to demonstrate through a series of controls that the company is following information security best practices in accordance with international guidelines and corporate objectives. It also proves that everything necessary has been done to minimize the risks to which the information managed is subjected.

Adhering to highest development standards, this certification identifies Ermes as a trusted partner when it comes to information security and as a solid and structured reality being part of an innovative market. Standards required by ISO reflect those at the basis of Ermes’ core value proposition, like confidentiality to protect information from unauthorized access and integrity to safeguard the accuracy of the information.

Having obtained ISO is a source of pride for Ermes, as the values that define our company and our people have been recognized our attention to data protection and privacy. Discover more about Ermes achivements!