Explore Lightweight SSE, read more on Gartner’s “Emerging Tech: Deliver sse with Enterprise Browser tech to win more midmarket business. Navigating the ever-shifting landscape of digital cybersecurity, midsize enterprises face distinct challenges, often exacerbated by limited resources. Gartner, a leading global research firm, recently spotlighted a transformative trend in their acclaimed report: “EMERGING TECH: DELIVER SSE WITH ENTERPRISE BROWSER TECH TO WIN MORE MIDMARKET BUSINESS.” This article hones in on the essential insights of the Gartner review, emphasizing the pivotal role of enterprise browsers like Ermes Browser Security in today’s digital era. 


The Cybersecurity Evolution 

Gartner highlights a salient point: enterprise browser and extension providers are unveiling lightweight security service edge (SSE) features tailor-made for midsize enterprises. The rationale? Deliver robust security without complexity, effectively catering to the midmarket sector. 


Key Gartner Insights on Browser Security 

  • Unified Security Approach: No longer tethered to individualized solutions like SWGs or CASBs, enterprises can now benefit from an integrated security approach, thanks to the lightweight SSE functions embedded in enterprise browser and extension solutions. 
  • Endpoint Security Momentum: Feasibility and optimal protection converge, leading midsize enterprises to increasingly adopt endpoint security solutions. 
  • Strategic Collaborations: The forging of strategic partnerships between enterprise browser providers and entities such as MSSPs signifies a mutual vision – deeper market penetration. 
Lightweight SSE: A Gartner Review

Source: Gartner (October 2023)


Gartner’s Vision of the Future 

By 2028, Gartner envisions: 

  • A remarkable surge, from a mere 5% to 35%, in SSE providers opting for enterprise browsers and extensions. 
  • 25% of midsize enterprises reimagining their security protocols, pivoting towards enterprise and extension browser security solutions. 


The Path Forward for Browser Security 

The enterprise browser realm, Ermes Browser Security being a prime example, hasn’t been static. These providers initially tackled security loopholes in devices, introducing vital solutions for data loss prevention and secure connectivity. 

Furthermore, the concerted effort by extension developers to fortify web malware protection and content filtering mirrors the sector’s commitment to user security. Yet, the future is about convergence. A fusion of capabilities, with browser extension supplements at the forefront. The trajectory suggests vendors embedding nimble SSE functions, viewing browsers as pivotal in endpoint security delivery. 


Ermes Browser Security: Leading the Pack 

Standing tall in this cybersecurity arena is Ermes Browser Security: 

  • Seamless SSE Integration: Ermes delivers the protective shield associated with complex tools, yet without the accompanying intricacies. 
  • User-Centricity: A streamlined, intuitive interface ensures users navigate Ermes effortlessly. 
  • Adaptive Security: Recognizing the uniqueness of every user, Ermes dynamically adjusts its security algorithms. 


In the face of escalating data breaches, especially those with monetary motivations, the demand for agile and potent security solutions is paramount. This is where Ermes Browser Security, with its potent lightweight SSE features, takes center stage, ensuring midsize enterprises navigate the digital terrain securely and confidently.