Ermes Web Security Audit

Assess the level of your web Protection, discover how your company is exposed to cyber attacks thanks to Ermes Web Security Audit.


Threats on the web

Discover what impact the web has on your company security: Thanks to our Web Security Audit you can determine how exposed your company is to web threats.

Measure your browsing risk

28 Days for a valuable Audit to measure your browsing risk:

  • 21 days Silent phase
  • 7 days Active phase, PoC phase

Ermes findings

Ermes Web Security Audit will detect any phishing sites or web threats that escape to you cyber ecosystem, moreover it will protect your digital identities and credentials


Identify which malicious websites were contacted successfully


Discover which information were sent to external services

Company Protection

Find out which is the additional benefit Ermes can give to your company ecosystem


Appreciate the additional performance benefit

Discover in which extent your company ecosystem is exposed to cyber attacks

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