Ermes Integrations

Increase your company’s protection thanks to Ermes Integrations with your SIEM or SOC.


Why you should integrate Ermes with a SIEM

By integrating Ermes you can oversee audit log and be able to send and download every security event or incident identified by Ermes, such as:

blocked phishing website, malicious phishing, malicious browser extensions, and much more.

You can seamlessly integrate Ermes with your company’s SIEM or SOC to gain full control over the activities within your network and respond to any web threat.

Key Benefits of Ermes integrations

Ermes solution has been implemented using REST APIs, this is why it is flexible to further integrations

Quicker / Faster notification of new phishing campaigns

Analysis enrichment with new unique events (eg all extension vetting)

Improvement of response times if an incident occurs, thanks to Ermes AI

Our SIEM integrations

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