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Learn how to boost by +25% your web security thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

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    The first technology that provides a safer web navigation by analyzing connections according to their behavior, overcoming the limits of traditional solutions.

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    • See how your organization is exposed to web threats that are eluding corporate security system.
    • Learn more about the dynamic approach of Ermes, the only effective against the most sophisticated web threats.
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    Protect your Business by Protecting your People

    Today’s Cyber Attacks Target People First, Not Infrastructure. Learn how to provide a safer navigation for all your employees, wherever they are located.

    +80% of the successful attacks use the web as main vector
    +85% of the successful attacks leverage people’s interaction

    Discover all the advantages of the Intelligent Approach of Ermes

    • All devices are protected against web threats and from malicious browser extensions
    • Totally GDPR compliant to ensure employees’ privacy
    • The data of employees is secured everywhere
    • -30% Load on network apparatuses and bandwidth saving
    • Easy to adopt and fully compatible with any security system

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